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Illegibilus: Windell by PAMACIDE Illegibilus: Windell by PAMACIDE
No way in hell I'm going to get this finished so I may as well prep for next opening, y/y :iconlazeplz:

//VIBRATES VIOLENTLY// i got in oh gosh mrrrrRRRRRRR


    Windell Locke (win-dell lock)


    Male (Identifies as Genderfluid)

    5' 11" (180 cm)

    132 lbs. (59.8 kg)

    September 21st


    Indian//Native American

Blood Status




Elective Classes
    Care of Magical Creatures, Divination

Extra Curricular
    Muggle Music


    "Who am I? Hm, I wonder..."

    On the surface, Windell seems like a quiet, "in the background" kind of student. Below that they are quite the peculiar social butterfly. As social as they may push to be, Windell doesn't have very many qualities expected of someone actively social. They are blunt, sometimes harshly honest, and don't initiate a majority of the conversations they have.

    Keeping people guessing is one of Windell's specialties. They prefer that others find things out for themselves or come to their own conclusions, often replying to questions with questions or "I wonder"s and dodging giving direct answers. They believe that direct answers sully the "learning experience."


    +Muggle records
    +Calm music
    +Quiet walks


    -Sitting still for too long
    -Senseless noise
    -Immoderate swearing


    Barbra Locke married Harold Ide soon after Windell turned three and her daughter, Willow, was born. After some time, Harold came across the fact that she was a witch (her occasionally using magic to do chores was a big tip-off), but he informed her that he didn't care as long as she gave up magic-use for good. She, feeling in debt to him for not leaving her then and there, accepted the condition and pursued an "average" life.

    Before his eighth birthday, Windell's childhood wasn't that spectacular. Their mother, Barbra, was banking on them not being a wizard in order to give her controlling husband the "normal life" he demanded. After strange activities about the house began happening more frequently leading up to their 11th birthday and Windell setting them off all too often for his younger sister's entertainment and finding that Windell received an invitation to Hogwarts, Harold told her to disown them. When she refused, he promptly divorced her.

    In their younger years, they were a quiet child that didn't stand out much in comparison to their hyper, sociable younger sister, Willow. She was always active and talkative in her mannerisms and seemed as if she would have a bright and prosperous future. She and Windell were as close as they came, always playing around and having fun, usually sharing in punishments as well as a fair number of secrets, too.

    During the summer of Windell's Third year, Willow was a victim of a fatal hit-and-run that they were witness to. Following her funeral, Windell found that a number of people who had attended started to act as if Willow never existed. Like her life had meant nothing to them. As a result of this, Windell's growing anger and frustration caused them to start up their own form of "grieving" that they still can't let go of to this day. It worries their mother terribly, but she hopes that it will continue to be an obsession that isn’t detrimental to Windell’s health.

    In Windell’s time attending he continued to have a fairly average high school experience, except with magic. They dealt with their fair share of bullies and put them in their place when the time felt right; slipping their important assignments in the trash when helping a teacher with grading or casting a memory charm on them before a big event or final, among other things.

    Barbra Locke Mother. An Indian witch living in Britain, Barbra is has a growing paranoia of sending her child "too many" letters. Windell is very close to their mother, her being their only immediate family. She is extremely talented in the field of charms and has passed some of the knowledge to Windell. In Windell and Willow's earlier years, she did many charms for them and their entertainment, including charming one of their spare rooms to have no gravity in support of Willow's dream profession (and then charming the door to only appear to herself, Windell, and Willow, fearing that her (ex)husband may come across it).

    Willow Locke Sister, Deceased. Windell's younger sibling that passed in a hit-and-run accident. She was a very active and uppity girl. They were very close when she was alive and they are very spiteful that a lot of people swept her death under the rug after the funeral. She always tried to help Windell out of their shell and they often helped her with her homework. Her biggest dream was to be the first Astronaut Hair-Stylist, making claims that doing hair without gravity could invite vast possibilities for unique styles. Windell let her style their hair for fun often.

    Lenno ??? Biological father, werebouts unknown. Windell's Native American muggle father. Their mother doesn't speak about him and neither Windell nor Willow ever bothered to ask.

    Harold Ide Step-father, wereabouts unknown. Windell's English muggle step-father whom they never had a remarkable relationship with. After putting two-and-two together and figuring that there was a chance that one of Barbra's kids would turn out to also use magic, he was always wary of them and accordingly distant. He deemed it "evil and unnatural" and wanted nothing to do with it and separated himself from them when he felt his opinion was challenged.



    Core: Phoenix Feather
    Length: Twelve and Three Quarters
    Wood: Sycamore
    Flexibility: Slightly Springy

    Leg-Locking Curse (Locomotor Mortis)
      Locks the legs of a victim together, preventing them from moving independently of each other.
    • Unlocking Charm (Alohomora)
      Unlocks nonmagical locks.
    Shielding Charm (Protego)
      Creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses.
    Vanishing Spell (Evanesco)
      Causes an object to vanish.
    Incendio (Incendio)
      Creates a jet of flame which expels from the wand.
    Memory Charm (Obliviate)
      Causes a subject to forget a particular event; may also me used to cause extensive memory loss, which is usually impossible to recover.



    Cobalt Blue Tarantula


    Cautious, Easily-Entertained, Adventurous, Fun-loving.


    -Never gives straight answer when asked about their gender.
    -Responds to all pronouns.
    -Prized possession is an old muggle record player they've kept in good shape for years (that, and their record collection).
    -Favorite class is Charms.
    -Next to listening to muggle records, brewing potions is one of their favorite hobbies.
    -Often switches between school uniforms.
    -Hair is naturally dark brown.
    -Speaks Hindi, though they are very rusty on the language.
    -Nat'sha is often found scuttling about Windell's robes or hair throughout the day.
    -Rarely uses nicknames.
    -Holds their wand like one would a pencil.
    -Skilled at Charms, Jinxes, and Hexes.

Relationship Chart

I'm down to rp through notes or docs because I reply better in positions where I can take my time and have my replys not be dumb.
Chat is definitely okay and Skype... isn't preferred but i can sort of make it work if it's the only way you can rp :icondokiplz:

but really though, please do throw rp invites my way i'm too nervous to ask by mys e l f hhaahahAHHAHA
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